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Nama Novin Co. has started its activity in relation with design & executing several types of building facade’s and interior design as a professional way since 1382.

This company constructs and executes different facades exclusively classic and modern styles in accordance with each interest through using 5 well – equipped workshops professional workers and new advanced installation machineries, technologies methods.

Also this company insures the complain of all projects up to 20 years due to using high-quality construction materials and invention of new installation methods.

Nama Novin Co. specifically works in facades and interior designs for all customers including residential, commercial, office,… with approach of issuing innovative and specific plans with selecting good materials and suitable costs via using proffesionals  such as designers, engineers, highly-experienced, technicians.

It should be noticed that before performance plans must present, to employers via 3DMAX software.

Our proffesionals have abilities to issue various plans and successfully and insuringly based on customer’s request, with complete awareness   to specifications and attributes of the types of materials, aestheticology principle, municipally rules, and engineering system organization.








No :32-Noormohammadi Alley,In front Of shariati Park , shariati Street, Tehran ,Iran 










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